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Core Capabilities
Brooker Builders is a highly respected and multi award-winning building company. Our core capabilities cover a range of key factors which set us apart in the market.
In our regional market, we have the capacity to handle large commercial constructions as well as high end residential projects. Generally, the scale and quality of work required by these projects are factors that set Brooker Builders apart in the industry.
While we have a team of skilled tradesmen at Brooker Builders, we also bring select trades on site for plumbing, plastering, painting and so on. Many of our external trades have been working with us for decades. We pride ourselves on the professional and solid relationship that we have with the trades who we partner with. Brooker Builders is discerning about the trades that we bring to each and every project.
How we operate
At Brooker Builders we are good at what we do and we stick to our tried and tested capabilities. As our name confirms, we are a wholly family-owned building business. As such we recognise and appreciate the specialists with whom we work with the bring each and every project to completion.
As a custom builder, each and every Brooker Builders project is completely unique. We rely upon the creativity and professionalism of architects, town planners, engineers and of course our preferred trades. Together, operating as a cohesive team, we build and deliver.
Where we work

Range of operation

While some in our industry like to grow and expand to service a geographically large market, Brooker Builders is content to work within a defined geographic zone. In broad terms we build at locations anywhere between Sale and Orbost, from the mountains to the coast.

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