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Brooker Builders has a strong presence and track record of high achievement in the commercial construction sector.  We cover a multitude of categories for both the private and public sectors.

Working in the commercial sector brings with it a heightened level of compliance and greater scrutiny.  At Brooker Builders we accept and relish the rigours of excellence and accountability as we know that our capabilities and experience position us as a leading builder in the commercial construction sector.

St Mary
Brooker Builders has extensive experience in constructing and updating numerous private schools in the Gippsland region. We have also built, extended and remodelled state government primary schools. We have the right tradesmen and best project managers to ensure that the disruption to everyday life on the school campus is minimised. Also understood is the need to work to defined budgets and deadlines often determined by the school year .

We are proud of the fact that clients such as Nagle College and Gippsland Grammar have chosen Brooker Builders as their builder of choice, many who return over and again across the years, to build and extend new education centres.

Ambulance Station Sale

Emergency Services

Fire stations, ambulance stations and police stations are at the heart of the emergency services which assist and protect our communities. These are properties where a 24 hour, 365 day a year work cycle is the norm, so our structures must be built correctly and withstand the rigours of 24/7 operation.



In regional centres, hospitals hold a special place in the hearts and the minds of the community. Brooker Builders is proud to have built new wings and specialised health units at the Bairnsdale Hospital for over a decade. Our specialist knowledge and expertise allows us to not only build the basic structure, but also deliver all of the essential services required to assist patients and staff. Beyond the obvious needs of water and power, hospitals need oxygen, communications systems, industry specific data cabling, waste ….
Bairnsdale Library
Government departments, be they local, state or federal, have a hugely diverse need for commercial construction. This can vary from administration offices, through to public facilities to a new visitor information centre.
Operating in the public sector involves a detailed tendering process and working with a raft of government officers and external consultants. Delivering new assets to the broader community is a gratifying experience for our team at Brooker Builders.
Mitchell River Tavern
Restaurants and entertainment are constructed to specific standards which need top be met for the safety and security of the public and staff. A thorough knowledge and appreciation of the demands placed on places where the public gather, will deliver a better outcome.
At Brooker Builders we have the background to ensure that you hospitality project, whether that be a new construction or a refurbishment, is delivered to your expectations, on time and within budget.

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